Hello beginners and professionals, then I present the strategy ‘professional commitment’ that despite require a little work and training to play it successfully can be very gainful if a good command of it is acquired. Expectations Gain He that is good can continue working upwards, can lay up to 500 EUR or more per game. However, these players are so rare that you can count them on the fingers of the hand, true professionals who have trained over the years to acquire a very good skill and living the game. This can only be done very effort and some talent.

. I bet on football games since precisely in this sport the best strategy can be applied due to the large number of celebrations The system works as follows:

Always seven equal installments as low as possible game program are chosen (: Seven different games, all with the quota 1.30 for example) Note: Neither with an equal number of shares can also estimate the seven games according to probability. This will be confirmed in the next analysis.

Each of the parties is analyzed separately.
The last matches of the visiting team and the home team.
In the analysis step clarify the following questions:
If you play well consistently favored or sometimes good, sometimes bad
Check equally to the opposing team!
! Take notes about it! positive sign if the favorite is considerably better and negative signs if teams differ in my opinion at least considerablementemente performance.
The meetings provided with a negative sign is tachan and completely compared with each other.