Playing Poker on the Train

I started taking the train to work last month. The ride to work is pretty long, so I had to find something to pass the time. I used to read a book, but that would make me fall asleep on the train. I needed something that would keep me awake while still keeping me entertained. I found a alternatif link Poker88 website and learned how to play the game of poker. When I first started, I was pretty much a novice who had only heard of the game and knew of a few terms that I had heard in television and movies.

The game is pretty easy to learn, it’s just memorizing which hands beat others can be a bit tricky. Once I got that done, it was simple to slide into a game and have some fun. I was pretty excited to win my first game, so much so that I let out a shout on the train and people started looking at me. The other passengers on the train are usually silent, so I was the loudest one probably since the train started running. I kept playing and didn’t want to put the game down when it was time to get off the train.

The game can be pretty addicting sometimes. I set reminders for myself to stop playing the game and do important things. Each time I play on the train, I get a little better and pick up some tricks from the other people that I play. I wonder if someone else on the train in playing the game along with me. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that there was someone else who plays on the train to escape boredom. There are a lot of people on the train, so asking each one would take forever.